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Shillong Teer Lottery Result Live Today


Shillong Teer Lottery Results from Today
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Last 7 Days Shillong teer Lottery results
Date F/R S/R
05/07/2021 61 78
06/07/2021 24 15
07/07/2021 48 14
08/07/2021 32 27
09/07/2021 55 11
10/07/2021 96 78

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Important Terms/Factors Used in Teer Games :

Well playing a teer game and getting success at the first attempt was never easier and it will never be unless you have a brief knowledge

about a few important factors/terms that we will be discussing below. However, it is not necessarily the only condition that will make you win a game.

But if you talk with any pro or regular teer player he or she will surely suggest you learn the principles of the following terms. At Teer of Shillong,

we feel that you must understand the below terms.